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Message from the President

Supplying valuable buildings and structures 
for people by putting the construction site first

Kajima Corporation commenced operations in 1840. During this history of over 170 years, our management philosophy has always been to work as a single, united team to contribute to society through its business endeavors while promoting innovation and development based on scientific and humanitarian principles.
Furthermore, Kajima has steadfastly maintained an unceasing and deep commitment to its enterprising spirit. With these principles as our point of departure, we have constructed all kinds of buildings and structures, from skyscrapers to nuclear power plants, by applying new innovations and techniques made possible through leading-edge technological development, while striving to satisfy our clients and make communities better places to live.

The Kajima Group launched its Medium-Term Business Plan from FY2015. Amid major shifts and increasing diversification in the socioeconomic environment, we have set business strategies and management action plans. Specifically, we continue to revitalize and reinforce the Company’s construction business, and leverage our group-wide competitive advantages to reinforce and expand our business portfolio in order to ensure that the Kajima Group strives to grow and evolve.

We strictly follow the principle of putting the construction site first in our management, and we encourage everyone at each site to put their whole heart into constructing buildings and structures that will be valuable for their users. Likewise, we hope to ensure that safe, secure and comfortable social infrastructure will be handed down to future generations. This is why we are always developing new construction techniques and passing them on to new workers—as part of our commitment to help our society become more environmentally and economically sustainable.

At Kajima, we are working in earnest to ensure that the company will continue to engage positively with its stakeholders for many years to come. We hope to benefit from your ongoing understanding and support as we pursue these endeavors going forward.

Yoshikazu Oshimi President and Representative Director Kajima Corporation

Home > Corporate Profile > Message from the President

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