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The global economy as a whole is projected to grow at a moderate pace; but we will be closely watching economic trends in certain emerging countries, monitoring the outlook for financial markets, and staying vigilant about other influences. Despite the uncertainty in markets around the world, Japan’s economy is expected to make a gradual, full recovery, assisted significantly by various government policies designed to stimulate capital investment and consumer spending.

Against this backdrop, the Kajima Group has been working toward the goals of its Medium-Term Business Plan for fiscal 2015 to 2017 by carrying out the various strategic measures set out in the plan. Financial results for fiscal 2015, the first year of the plan, greatly surpassed our targets.

With a view to ensuring the Kajima Group’s continuous growth in the future, we are fully executing our Medium-Term Business Plan in order to raise corporate value and meet the expectations of our shareholders and investors. We ask for their understanding and support as we pursue these objectives going forward.

Yoshikazu Oshimi President and Representative Director Kajima Corporation June 2016

Home > Investor Relations > Management Policy > Top Message

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