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The Kajima Cut and Take Down Method

This section introduces the development of a new demolition method for high-rise buildings.


This section introduces projects and services undertaken by KAJIMA DESIGN.

Kajima Technical Research Institute

In 1949, Kajima became the first Japanese construction company to establish a technical research institute.

Since then, we have strived to develop new construction technologies.

Here, we present our activities and R&D results, and abstracts of KaTRI annual reports.

Kajima's Advanced Structural Control and Base Isolation Technologies

Kajima is a leading company that continues to take the lead in the world of structural control and base isolation technologies. As shown by our long track record, we provide customers with the optimal building safety that meets their needs.

Great Hanshin Earthquake Review

The Great Hanshin Earthquake that struck on January 17, 1995, caused massive damage to the Hanshin area.

Here we report on our damage surveys, rebuilding activities, and lessons learned from the earthquake.

Restoration of Himeji Castle Main Keep

This section introduces the restoration of Himeji Castle Main Keep.

Great Hanshin Earthquake ReviewNEW

Kajima provides the client with consistent support from the project planning stage right through to the facility construction and operation stages by making the best use of wide spread technology in the fields of process engineering, material handling, information system, industrial engineering, water treatment.

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